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Project Recap: An Overview

In my previous blog I talked about starting a series of blogs that take a look back on some previous projects and go into more detail on the background of the project, what I learned from the project and basically just give some genuine insight into my perspective as a builder. Today, I would like to introduce you to "Project Recap" As I work to establish a cadence for this project, please let me know if there is anything you would specifically like to see me cover, any thoughts on the project as a whole. As the blogs progress, I always welcome your feedback on any insight you have or feedback you would like to share. I will be working to make these a regular part of my project lifecycle, j

Content, Transparency & Finding a Sweet Spot

Every so often I find myself compelled to share my experiences in a way that social media doesn’t allow. As society moves away from newspapers and magazines towards more of a short-form, short attention span model that social media enables, I struggle to share my thoughts in a way that can be consumed with a single photo or an update. The blog to me has always been a great source of content, and while I enjoy writing, I do not always prioritize it, as I do not label myself as a content creator, rather a maker who realizes that I can leverage content to expand my woodworking business. My goal here is to use my blog as a platform to showcase my growth as well as my projects, much like I do on


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