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Content, Transparency & Finding a Sweet Spot

Lake Tahoe Boardwalk

Every so often I find myself compelled to share my experiences in a way that social media doesn’t allow. As society moves away from newspapers and magazines towards more of a short-form, short attention span model that social media enables, I struggle to share my thoughts in a way that can be consumed with a single photo or an update.

The blog to me has always been a great source of content, and while I enjoy writing, I do not always prioritize it, as I do not label myself as a content creator, rather a maker who realizes that I can leverage content to expand my woodworking business.

My goal here is to use my blog as a platform to showcase my growth as well as my projects, much like I do on social media, however, with a lot more detail given to the projects and the work behind the scenes. I aim to embark on a series of blogs that allow me to retrospectively look at each project I have recently finished and detail my thoughts around the project, from what I learned, to what I was proud of, to what I hope to be better at.

In the grand scheme of things, my goal here is to find a sweet spot in balancing Instagram, Facebook and a blog, along with all of the other aspects of running a small business. Today, you will find me mainly posting to Instagram, however, as automation enters the social media platforms, I hope to leverage pre-scheduled content more often, widening my net into the various platforms.


If you are another maker, I hope you find it helpful to see what other makers go through during the build process. I hope this inspires you to share your thoughts, your growth and your successes in a manner other than social media.

If you are a customer or potential customer, I would hope that you find this as a level of transparency into my business. We are a small, 2 person, family run business that is always growing and learning, and I hope you can appreciate that in supporting small, local business, you are not only helping a local family, but you are helping bootstrap a growing business and providing much needed guidance for us as we grow as a business, as craftsmen and as members of our community.

Thank you for being even a small part in our story.

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