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Project Recap: An Overview

In my previous blog I talked about starting a series of blogs that take a look back on some previous projects and go into more detail on the background of the project, what I learned from the project and basically just give some genuine insight into my perspective as a builder.

Today, I would like to introduce you to "Project Recap"

As I work to establish a cadence for this project, please let me know if there is anything you would specifically like to see me cover, any thoughts on the project as a whole. As the blogs progress, I always welcome your feedback on any insight you have or feedback you would like to share.

I will be working to make these a regular part of my project lifecycle, just like I do social media.

First blog post to come in the series is a recap of my latest build, a blanket box for my wife, is coming up tomorrow, so make sure to subscribe to get the latest updates in your inbox when they come out!

As always, thanks for following along.

#Woodworking #ProjectRecap

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